31. May 2003
25 year anniversary II

Dansk Jernbane-klub was running old trains from Roskilde to Hvalsø with a trainset from the 1950'ies, and at Hvalsø Station vintage buses were waiting for the guests for the museum.

Other guests took the tram from the parking ground to the museum.

Other museums had exhibited some of their treasures.



There was musical entertainment by the HT-band.

Originally it was the plan that the minister of cultural affairs should arrive in old King Christian 10s car, but it had some engine problems, so an other car was used.

At 11 am the minister of cultural affairs, Brian Mikkelsen (K) arrives at the Trammuseum.



After the speaches by Mikael Lund, chairman of Tramway Historical Society, and the minister of cultural affairs, the minister could start the cavalcade.

With some help the minister of cultural affairs drove the first tram out to the stop - Eilers Eg - where there was some time to enjoy the beautiful weather.

All the trams and buses of the Tram Museum Skjoldenæsholm were out in the fresh air, so the depots were kind of empty.

At the stop - Valby Old Depot - many trams were waiting for departure.


Also the vintage buses from the Trammuseum Skjoldenæsholm were busy together with the vintage bus from the HT-museum.



Everything were out driving - it was some beautiful days.