21. March 2003
The renovation of tram no. 890    


At the front of 890 the inner buffer was fitted with a much heavier one in Alexandria, so the front better could resist any pressure...

This important part has now exchanged with an original Düwag one.


The spare part has been taken from the front of a tram from Norrköping (Sweden), ex. Dessau/Duisburg (Germany). The outside buffer, which is slightly elastic will also be exchanged with an original one together with a rubber buffer exactly as the one from when the tram was running in Copenhagen.

From the Norrköping tram fronts parts of the windows and the air intakes will be used.

However, the roof part has some damages. Therefore a shape is being built to use for a new roof at the front of the tram.

Many of the metal profiles in the floor where the driver is placed have been exchanged. The floor at the front is now nearly finished.

The left side of the tram is nearly in the right level for the floor, so the left side 'only' is missing the profiles under the windows. The missing profiles will be taken from the tram from Norrköping. 


While the tram was in Alexandria, the usual practice to repair damages after collisions was to use filler or plastic-padding covered by paint.

At some places the filler is about 10 mm thick coverd by at least 10 layers of paint. The suppliers of these products to the Alexandria Tramway Company must make good money.