12. February 2003
The renovation of tram no. 890


A large I-sectional iron has been placed into the carriage so it is possible to measure out any faults. After the measuring the straightening out can begin.


The bottom frame is in a very good condition. Sectional iron, which have been oblique because of collisions and have been repaired by the best 'Alexandria style' will be exchanged with original parts.

Since February 2001, 3 carriages has waited at the Tram Museum Skjoldenæsholm to be used as spare parts for the renovation of the former Copenhagener modern trams.

One of those carriages has been transported to Holbæk so the workers can take the parts needed for the renovation.

The work on the bogies, the engines, the axles, the rail brakes, etc. is done at the trammuseum by the volontiers there.


The bogie frames will be sandblasted so every bad weld and possible cracks can be repaired.