23.January 2003
The renovation of trem no.890


The tram is now divided in 3 parts. 


The opening for the original door no. 2 is made. The side members and the bottom of the tram is being rust treated.



The building, and especially the pit, is incredibly dusted by all the rust, dust, and filth, which has been removed - they are very diligent in Holbæk.

The tram will have most of its plating removed, so everything can be straightened out - it is looking good.





In Alexandria the tram has run with a little resistance box attached under the tram, where there were openings/bars for the cooling.


The box was totally filled with dust, finer than cement powder, so the resistances were not visible when the box was opened. It is a miracle that it has worked, or maybe it has been 'cut' from the rest of the electrical equipment.