4. September 2002
Narrow-gauged tram

In the morning Thursday August the 29th a narrow-gauged tram arrived from Mülheim (Germany) to Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum.

The tram, MVG 255, is acquired because of the renovation of APTA 890 (later also APTA 815), The tram will not be operating at the museum in passenger traffic.

MVG 255 was ready for operating, so a few test runs were made. MVG 255 was photographed together with the 2 other Düwag trams at the forecourt.

MVG 255 has many common parts with the Düwag trams from Copenhagen, among them is the back end. Therefore is MVG 255 very valuable for the big restoration work of the 2 Düwag trams from Copenhagen, which returned from Egypt in 2001.

Besides MVG 255 two more trams are reserved. It is MVG 252 and MVG 261, which are expected from Mülheim in 2004/05.