10. August 2002
Bus-meeting at the museum


Saturday, August the 10th a bus connection was made to the 1950s at The Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum.

The bus meeting was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Tram Museums bus from Odense, which was replacing the trams of Odense in 1952.


The bus is the first made by Volvo of the 'underfloor' type, where the engine is placed under the floor of the bus instead of in the front of the bus or beside the driver. The 'underfloor' type has been The Bus ever since in Denmark.

All were there

The famous bus, which was designed by count Sigvard Bernadotte and was going to the airport in the end of the 1950s

The long busses and the high ones.


At the museums bus line 'Round of Valsølille lake' it was possible to take a trip with most of the showed buses.

It was a busy day at the museum, because it was 'rush-hour' day too, so also the trams had a lot to do.