19. July 2002
Rheinbahn 2412

From December 1957 to March 1958 the tramway company of Copenhagen had 2 modern trams for test because of a wish to modernize the tram system.



The first one, a 6-axle articulated tram, was tested from December 1957 to February 1958. It was tram no. 2412 from the tramway company of Düsseldorf (Germany). The second one was a modern 4-axle bogie PCC-tram from the tramway company of Hamburg (Germany).

The best one turned out to be the 6-axle from Düsseldorf and from 1960 to 1968 100 trams of the Düsseldorf type were delivered to the tramway company of Copenhagen.

For many years it has been a wish for The Danish Tram Historical Society to get especially the tram no. 2412 from Düsseldorf, but the tram has not been able to be spared from the public transport.

However, at a visit in June 2002 an agreement was made, so the 45 year old tram could be released and after some small repairs and a paint in the original colours at the depot in Düsseldorf, the tram was handed over to The Danish Tram Historical Society on the 25th of July and at the same day the transportation to Denmark began. Friday the 26th of July the tram arrived at the Tram Museum.


The first test of the tram took place July 26th 2002 at 12.10 hours, and it was succesful.

The next day the tram was in service at the Tram Museum so it could be experienced together with the tram no. 815, one of the 6-axle trams, which had returned from Alexandria (Egypt) in 2001.


At the Tram Museum it is also possible to experience the other test tram, the PCC tram no. 3060 from the tramway company of Hamburg. The PCC tram is borrowed from our sister museum at Schönberger Strand in Northern Germany. What never happened in Copenhagen can be experienced at the Tram Museum Skjoldenæsholm: Both trams used for trials in Copenhagen now running at the same time.

The arrival of 2412