15. July 2002
Tram from 1929

At noon July the 15th 2002 the tram museum received a new tram. It is a full functioning 2-axle tram from Den Haag (The Netherlands). The tram was built in 1929.

From Elektrische Museumtramlinjen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, The Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum got an offer of getting a complete tram, which has tiptoed around since 1929 and transported busy Dutch people.


Soon after the arrival the tram was running at the Museum.

Many of our Dutch visitors were surpriced to see a tram from their homeland here in Denmark.


The tram had been owned by Elektrische Museumtramlinjen in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) since 1973, where it has ran at their museum line until July 7th 2002.

The tram was handed over to the Tram Musum Skjoldenæsholm free of charge as a part of the international co-operation between the tram museums. The tram arrived at Skjoldenæsholm July the 15th 2002, which was the exact day for the 75th anniversary of this first running of this type of tram in Den Haag.

The new tram was put into service at the Tram Museum Skjoldenæsholm in the weekend July 27th-28th 2002.