See the museum:

The longest museum in Denmark - Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum - runs trams from the three Danish cities, which have had tram systems. You can also take a ride on trams from some other European cities.

In the three cities of Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus, it was every girl's or boy's dream to grow up to be a tram driver or tram conductor.


Here you can relive your childhood, when your mother held your hand as you waited for the tram that would take you into town.

Experience what it must have been like for your grandparents when they took the tram to work, or on Sundays to the forest or the beach.


When you arrive at the museum, you will get the tickets from a tram conductor.

After a ride with a tram from Århus, Jutland or a tram from Basel, Switzerland, you will arrive at the depots, where there are exhibitons of trams and busses.

In one of the depots is a store, where you can buy books etc. related to public transport services. You can also buy souvenirs, ice cream etc.


At the depots are trams waiting for giving you a ride out in the forest on a 1.8 km long section. The trams are from Copenhagen or Odense, but also from other cities.

The ticket, you have bought at the entrance, gives you unlimited rides with the trams the whole day.

The section has 5 stops, which are placed with a distance between them, like the stops were in Copenhagen. Every stop has a story, which the conductor will be happy to tell you about.

At the terminus - Eilers Eg - are places for a picnic. There is also a café tram, where you can buy a refresment. You can also enjoy a walk in the forest - there is always a tram to take you back.