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Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum opened to the public on 26 May 1978, and is constantly being enlarged.

The museum is run exclusively by unpaid volunteers, who, as members of Sporvejshistorisk Selskab / the Danish Tramway Historical Society spend a great part of their spare time ensuring the smooth running and expansion of the museum.

You can see the track plan of the Museum here.

The museum is located about 65 Kilometres southwest of Copenhagen, at Jystrup, which is between the towns of Ringsted and Roskilde, in the beautiful Danish countryside.
Here, trams from the old tramway systems of Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus, along with a number of foreign trams, run on two tram lines.

On certain opening days, vintage buses from Aarhus and Odense also provide round trips through the museum locality, in the historic area around Valsølille lake.
The round trip.




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