Wednesdays at the Museum

Much other work takes place at the Danish Tramway Museum at Skjoldenæsholm besides taking care of and restoring the museum's collections.

This is usually done on Wednesdays, when several of the museum's voluntary staff members meet to perform the tasks that need to be done.

This includes large and small maintenance tasks with the existing facilities, such as sett-laying, to make sure the tramway environment is as realistic as possible.
Along the stretches of track, bushes and trees must be kept at a suitable distance from the rails.

Various kinds of received equipment must be moved into place.

The work done here is of great importance to ensuring that the Danish Tramway Museum is always worth a visit.
As a member of the Society, you have the opportunity to help out with many fascinating jobs at the Tram Museum.
You can read more about membership of the Society here.